Eco Friendly

The following is a letter we recently received after completing a local project that included a difficult tree removal:

“Dear Phil,

As I told you when you came out to do our estimate, I chose your company: a) because of the comments I overheard about one of your crews working on a house on Pingree, and b) because Charter Oaks is a local company.

Your crew just left and I can now tell you that I will heartily recommend your company to anyone needing an arborist.

Central Ohio has lost and is losing a lot of ash trees and I suspect that this is keeping tree companies even busier than they normally would be at this time of year. However, when I called you for an estimate, you were out the next day and your crew was there the next day after that. Amazing!

The men who worked on our yard were very polite and accommodating. They worked with me to get the trimming the way that I wanted it yet still keeping a natural looking aesthetic. The guy who worked on the tree that was removed was very careful and safe. The guy who worked in the cherry picker was very patient, carefully working around an awkward tree. All of them worked very hard. I could tell that they had been well trained in safety procedures. When they were done, I think they left the yard more cleaned up than it was before they came!

Once again, I’m really glad I walked to the end of the street to get a card from the other crew. I’m telling all of my friends, family, and neighbors about your company. Thanks again!”

Stephanie G.
Worthington, OH